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Is uric acid alkaline or acidic?

Acidic. It forms a tautomer in which the oxygen atoms bond with the H atoms of the NH in the ring. The hydrogen atoms can then be easily donated. Under the Bronsted-Lowry theo (MORE)

Is amino acid a nucleic acid?

No, definitely not. An amino acid is a building block, a constituent, the base unit of polypeptides and thus of proteins. There are 20 different amino acids (valine, lysine, (MORE)

Why is uric acid called a acid?

Because it is an acid. A way to test if a material is an acid or a base is to test it with litmus if the litmus turns red then it is acid if it turn blue it is a base or alka (MORE)
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Why is fumaric acid a stable acid?

Fumaric acid being the trans isomer will have the least stearic hindrance as the carboxylic acid groups will be on the different sides of the double bonds-hence causing the le (MORE)
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What makes a fatty acid an acid?

The carboxylic acid group (-COOH) on one end of the molecule  makes it an acid. The variable length hydrocarbon chain of the  molecule makes it "fatty".
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