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Who was Pancho Villa?

Doroteo Arango, alias Francisco "Pancho" Villa, was born in 1877 (1879 according to some sources) in San Juan del Rio, State of Durango, Mexico. During his lifetime, he was a (MORE)

What was pancho villa known for?

    Poncho Villa was a General in one of Mexico's internal rebellions. His army fought with that of General Zapata. They captured the government. Another General kille (MORE)

Why is pancho villa considered a hero?

Pancho Villa had two sides. One side was a cold murder, and another side was a caring leader of Mexico. Pancho Villa stole from the rich and the middle class Mexicans and gav (MORE)

Is Pancho Villa an American hero?

Answer 1: Pancho Villa was a Mexican Revolutionary General and hero to his people. Since his raid on Columbus in 1916, Villa was neither friend nor hero to the US. Answer 2: (MORE)
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How did Pancho Villa became famous?

He was a known warlord and bandit, whose base of operations was the northern state of Chihuahua. During the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921) he became commander of the Northern (MORE)