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Was Rosalio Rosales with Pancho Villa when he died?

Type your answer here... efectivamente en el atentado que causo la muerte del grl. villa en Parral, Chihuahua uno de sus escoltas era Rosalio Rosales, tambien murio Claro Hurt (MORE)

What year was the war against pancho villa?

President Woodrow Wilson ordered the U.S. Army into Mexico in 1916 to capture Pancho Villa, dead or alive about a week after Villa's forces crossed the U.S.-Mexican border and (MORE)

During Pancho Villa attacked on Columbus New Mexico Who was Maude Wright and Buck Spence.?

  Maud Wright was living on a ranch down in Mexico with her son Johnnie, her husband and a hired Mexican family that helped out on the ranch. When the Villistas came to th (MORE)

What was pancho villa known for?

    Poncho Villa was a General in one of Mexico's internal rebellions. His army fought with that of General Zapata. They captured the government. Another General kille (MORE)

Why did pancho villa die?

Because his enemies shot him to death in 1923 because they were defeated by his army.
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Is Pancho Villa an American hero?

Answer 1: Pancho Villa was a Mexican Revolutionary General and hero to his people. Since his raid on Columbus in 1916, Villa was neither friend nor hero to the US. Answer 2: (MORE)

How did pancho villa change Mexico?

he opened poor people to the idea that they could stand up for themselves and gain more rights for example the right to own their own land.
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What war did Pancho Villa fight in?

Pancho Villa, who's real name was Doroteo Arango, fought on the side of the Revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Prior to joining the Revolution, Villa was (MORE)

If President Woodrow Wilson believed in moral diplomacy why did he send American forces into Mexico to pursue Francisco 'Pancho' Villa?

Pancho Villa had raided a village in New Mexico and killedAmericans. Wilson was determined to prevent Villa from using USterritory as a staging ground for his war in Mexico.
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