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How do you improve child parent relationship?

  Quit abusing the kid. It likes you better then. Feeding it helps too. Not just dog food, but people food. Even though it seems like a hassle, it probably will work. Oh, (MORE)

If a cousin has a child what is the cousins relationship to that child?

; First Cousin Once removed.   Explaination from   ;  ; Cousin (a.k.a "first cousin")  : Your first cousins are the people (MORE)

How does parent child relationship affect the behavior of children?

  Well the closeness of you and your child's relationship can affect their behavior in a good or bad way.If you and your child have a mild relationship then most likely th (MORE)

What was Princess Diana's relationship with her parents?

Princess Diana is said to have had a difficult relationship with  her parents. First of all, she said her birth was a disappointment  since her parents were eagerly anticipa (MORE)

How can you fix the relationship with your parents?

First, if you don't live with them, call them. If they answer, apologize for what went wrong, even if it wasn't your fault. This shows them you are responsible, and care. If t (MORE)

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