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Why is the United Kingdom a kingdom?

Any sovereign state having a (normally heriditary) king or  queen as its head is a kingdom. The state known as the United  Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is o (MORE)
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What do you call a person from the United Kingdom?

British,   Or if they are from Northern Ireland they may prefer Northern Irish, Irish or Ulsterman. If they are from Scotland they may prefer Scots. If they are from Wales (MORE)

Who is the president of the United Kingdom?

Answer 1    There is no President of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is  a parliamentary constitutional monarchy and has no president. Queen  Elizabeth II is H (MORE)

What is the religion in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is a largely secular western state and it has followers of all religions living there. In 1991 it was estimated that out of a total population of 57,591,67 (MORE)

Where is united kingdom?

  The United Kingdom is a sovereign state located on a group of islands, the largest being Great Britain off the north-west coast of mainland Europe.
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What is the oldest castle in the United Kingdom?

Chepstow castle in Wales is the oldest surviving stone castle and  post Roman fortress in Great Britain. Itâ??s a Norman castle built  less than a year after William the Co (MORE)