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How do you protect a folder using password?

if you want to password protect folders on your computer you can use a password protection software, saying Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption( (MORE)

How can you protect passwords?

You can use special soft. If you want whether someone using your computer and you want to know if anybody what to logon your Mac you can soft calls keystroke recorder(or keylo (MORE)

How do you protect your password?

The best way to do this is to not even download some B.S software just make up a password including 6 of you favorite numbers (NOTE, a common mistake is to use your birthday, (MORE)

What is password protection?

Password protection is a nice data protection feature which allowsyou to lock and hide your sensitive files and folders. Try somegood password protection features like Data pr (MORE)

How do you protect my password?

The easiest way to protect a password is to use a password that is "strong". This means using both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols in the password. However (MORE)

How do you password protect the nokia n97?

you can set a password only while switching the phone will ask you you to enter the PASSWORD.If you want the passcode just while resuming the device from sleep mode,i st (MORE)

What is a password protection?

Password protection can prevent people accessing computer systems, accounts, files or parts of files by requiring a user to enter a password. This prevents people damaging fil (MORE)

How can you protect your passwords?

Never use nick-names or account numbers that people may be aware of. Never use your social security number, etc. that is private information. I never apply to offers on the (MORE)