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What are patterns of crime?

Often involves the use of police statistics to determine where crime is committed, who committed it, who is victimized, and what are the major dimensions of the criminal act. (MORE)

What are the 7 cultural patterns?

remember it as KEAPERS   Kinship   Educational   Artistic   Political   Economic   Religious   Spots/recreation/play
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What is culture?

Culture is a learned way of life shared by a group of people,  includes languages, food, celebrations, artistic expression, the  arts, sports, government, and the media. The (MORE)

How cultural patterns are change by internal and external forces?

culture patterns are changed by internal forces within a group there are people who are more willing than others to try new things. While culture patterns are also changed (MORE)

What is a bolt pattern?

"Bolt Pattern" is a mechanical design term referring to a circular arrangement of threaded fasteners used to hold something in place. Bolt patterns are most often used to atta (MORE)

What is a nucleated pattern?

A nucleated settlement pattern is a strong settlement pattern of compact villages of varying sizes with little dispersal in wider countryside. It often develops where defense (MORE)
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What are physical patterns?

a physical pattern is the opposite to a human pattern. a physical pattern is a man made river, lake, ocean, mountain and so on. hope this helps!!
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What is a pattern lawyer?

A pattern lawyer is someone who helps a client copy write something of some sort.
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What is pattern generator?

A specific pattern can identify a fault. For example, if the first input of an AND gate is struck at zero, then a test vector of 10 or 11 can identify that fault. These two ve (MORE)

What are patterns of organization?

A pattern of organization is that it arranges information according  to a progression of time, either forward or backward. Historical  topics are well arranged in this manne (MORE)