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How to connect a satellite tv box to a PC so i can watch PC content on my tv?

With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a digital TV tuner card, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality (MORE)

How How do you connect the Samsung GT-E2152i with PC suite?

i want to know that which pc suite is best for my samsung mobile 2152i i have many but which is special for my mobile . pls tell me.?
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What is the tamagotchi logout no to connect a PC?

To connect on a pc for a v5 tamagotchi, you have to click the heart in the left top corner. Click pc and ut will display a log in code. On your computer (without doing anythin (MORE)

How many PC can be connected to 4 mbps?

Any number.    Most home internet services only support provision of one internet address (IP address), so a router is needed to share the IP address among all the comp (MORE)

How do you connect Nokia Lumia 800 to your PC?

you have to download zune software in oder to connect the phone with the pc after downloading the software your computer will automatically read your phone once you connect it (MORE)

Can you connect your Motorola w220 phone to PC?

  Im 99.9% sure that it cant be. I was looking at this phone and also wanted to know if it was possible, I dont think it is. It doenst use a mini USB, it uses more like a (MORE)

How do you connect a PC to a laptop to view the PC files?

1. Get an ethernet called a "crossover cable." 2. Connect the ethernet jack of the PC to the jack on the laptop. 3. Right click on the folder you want to view on the PC an (MORE)
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Identify and describe the medium and ports while connecting PC to PC?

Ethernet /ˈiːθərnɛt/ is a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs) commercially introduced in 1980. Standardized in IEEE 802.3, Ethernet (MORE)

Must you use a hub to connect 2 pcs?

Yes and no. If you want to just directly connect the two pc's together a cross-over Ethernet cable can do this. Cross-over cables are used to connect 2 like devices. Doing thi (MORE)