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How can you connect your Samsung b5310 to your PC?

i have one and you use the cord with the usb connection and plug it in and lift the little thing on your phone to plug in the other end. Then you need to put in your computer (MORE)
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How do you connect your Kinect to your PC?

If you bought just the Kinect alone w/out the Xbox, then just plug it in using the usb cable that came with it. If you bought a Kinect and Xbox bundle, you cant connect it to (MORE)

How do connect PC to PC?

1 .buy a LAN cable and connect each end of the LAN cable to the LAN ports on the back of the computer. BEFORE ANY OF THIS you need to make sure that the two computers have t (MORE)

What is the tamagotchi logout no to connect a PC?

To connect on a pc for a v5 tamagotchi, you have to click the heart in the left top corner. Click pc and ut will display a log in code. On your computer (without doing anythin (MORE)

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How do you connect a PC to a laptop to view the PC files?

1. Get an ethernet called a "crossover cable." 2. Connect the ethernet jack of the PC to the jack on the laptop. 3. Right click on the folder you want to view on the PC an (MORE)
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How to connect a PC to the Humax PVR9200T?

In order to connect the above named items, one must:  1) Tap on the rocker switch, to turn the power off.  2) Connect one end of the HUMID cable to the port found on the bac (MORE)