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Who are important leaders in the Peoples Republic of China in 2017?

Presidents ... and leaders. :] Talented people like Sima Guang, Zhi Xi, Shen Kuo and the many poets. They're important cos' they help China (ancient) in intellectual and cul (MORE)

Why is it called the People's Republic Of China when China's not a republic?

Actually, China is a republic. A republic is a state governed by the people or their elected representatives. Although China is a one-party Communist authoritarian state, whic (MORE)

Why did the people of rome create a republic?

Not all of Rome's Kings were good leaders, or good people. Some were cruel, harsh, and unfair. The last king in Rome created a new type of government. They formed a republic. (MORE)

Is china a democracy republic etc?

China is not a democratic country.     As long as you have money, you can get almost whatever you want.     Elections are infrequent, scattered and often comp (MORE)