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Is she your perfect match?

If you think she is boys. I am a girl and someone likes me!! He is like 13 and i am 12. If you think she is the one, than go for it.
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What is perfect match of Aries?

If you go by what most astrologists believe, the perfect match for Aries would be the exact opposite sign, Libra. However, many also believe the element is highly important, s (MORE)
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Are Scorpio and Pisces a perfect match?

They are not a perfect match, astrologically there is no such thing. But they are an excellent match. The emotional firmness of the Scorpio can give much needed stability to t (MORE)
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What is the perfect match match for a Taurus woman?

You can't have a perfect match only through the sun sign. Even then, I'm not sure if there is a thing as such as the perfect match as all relationships will come with lessons. (MORE)
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What is a perfect match for a Virgo?

Western astrology claims that people born during certain times have "perfect matches" who were born during other times. A person born under the sign of Virgo supposedly will (MORE)