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Why do you plan personal development?

Rites of passage and coming of age will happen often without any planning. These events cause those that experience them to become more disciplined and able to find happiness (MORE)

What is your personal career plan?

Personal Career plan is a system by which you write down your proposed life agenda. What you want to do in life(i.e Whom you want to be and the profession you like to embark o (MORE)

What a person intends or plans to do is?

That could be several things: . intention . strategy . plan . goal . target . plot . idea
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What kind of person plans a suicide?

Normally people who are insecure about themselves and people who are depressed. ----- People who are frustrated, and depressed. A lot of people suffer from depression from (MORE)

What is a personal development plan?

A personal development plan is an action plan designed to help aperson reach a goal they've set. A personal development plan mightbe created to achieve anything from becoming (MORE)

What historical person did not have a plan b?

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ had no plan B. He came toEarth for a specific purpose (you could call this plan A) and eventhough tempted greatly and persecuted to the po (MORE)