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What is a persona?

A 'Persona' is a 'social role', or the role played by an actor. Itis how you appear to the world, a mask, of sorts. For example youact differently when you are around differen (MORE)

What is persona 4?

Persona 4 is a an Role-playing game for the ps2. You play as a high school student in the county from the big city. A series of murders are occurring, police say it is a seri (MORE)
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What is a persona doll?

a persona doll is a doll that are being used in preschool and kindergarten classrooms to teach tolerance to the little kids. with the use of this persona dolls, the teacher ca (MORE)
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Will there be Persona 5?

Persona 5 has been announced and is well into production by now. Itwill be coming out on PS3 and PS4 sometime this year.

What is authorial persona?

When composing a work of fiction, the author may or may not mention him or herself, for example something like "I want to tell you about a strange experience I had..." and whe (MORE)

What is a good persona?

A persona is the character that an actor portrays when acting. This term in used with movies, television shows, plays, and even just in role play. So a good persona is well de (MORE)