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Does Winco foods accept personal checks?

Yes, WinCo accepts personal checks for the purchase of merchandise  upon the condition that if your check is returned unpaid, you agree  that the merchant may automatically (MORE)

How does food reflect on personal hygiene?

What mostly you eat defines you - not mostly on your attitude but also affects your personal hygiene. For example, if you like eating spicy food, you tend to perspire more , o (MORE)

How long can a person live without food?

A person will usually be able to live about 4-6 weeks without food. However there has been some cases where prisoners has lived for as long as 76 days without food. There is (MORE)

What is personal hygiene in the food industry?

In the food industry, personal hygiene refers to the procedures used to keep hands, arms and any other part of the body that may contact or affect food clean. In production fa (MORE)
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Why is personal hygiene important when working with food?

If you are dirty or have germs on you (even though you always do), it can be transfered to the food you are cooking, packaging, etc. and many other people can get it. Although (MORE)
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If food enters the trachea a person can?

The trachea is commonly called the windpipe. It is covered by the epiglottis so when a person swallows food it does NOT go into the trachea. If food enters the trachea it can (MORE)