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Do acoustic and electric guitars have the same strings?

It all depends on what type of acoustic guitar it is, if its a classical then its nylon strung, steel strung acoustics can use the same strings as an electric. Some people pre (MORE)

What type of electric guitar strings stay in tune the best?

this is an interesting answer so ok when you want strings to last longer go with heavier gauge (size) strings , they will also last longer from abuse of the picks to just ru (MORE)

Can you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar?

  Yes you can and they will work fine, the tone will be affected. The steel strings for an electric guitar (steel so they interact with the magnets on the pickup) will not (MORE)

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic?

Well, from my experience i personally like electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar because i like the type of tone it gives the acoustic. it all depends on if you like t (MORE)
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Can electricity be transferred through a guitar string?

Yes it can, if the strings are made of metal like they are on an electric guitar. In fact, if your amp isn't properly grounded, you can get badly shocked by the strings of a g (MORE)

What is the correct gauge for electric guitar strings?

There is no "correct" gauge for guitar strings. Use whichever gauge is comfortable for you. Higher gauge strings will ring louder and longer, but sustain and volume aren't a (MORE)