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Can you put Nylon Strings on an electric guitar?

  Nylon strings will not work on an electric guitar. This is because the pickups work by sensing changes in their magnetic field caused by metal strings. Because nylon str (MORE)

How much do electric guitar strings cost?

cheap strings are about 40-50$ expensive are maby 100 or 80$ == You are insane. One set of lower-priced guitar strings is between $4 and $7 (depending on if you buy in b (MORE)

How many strings are on a electric guitar have?

most have 6 others have 12 then you have the metal guitars that have 6 or 7 and sometimes even 8 but there is one called the perfect 10 bich by B.C. Rich and it has 10 strings (MORE)

How do you change a string on an electric guitar?

That would depend on the guitar hardware setup. For some guitars, the head of the string is locked in the body, the string brought over the bridge and wound through the aligni (MORE)

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