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Historical development of analytical and digital photogrammetry?

From analog photogrammetry during 1900-1960, the analytical plotterwas invented by replacing space rods and linear scales withcollinear equations and computers. The developmen (MORE)
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What is photogrammetry?

The art , science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through processes of recording , measuring and interpret (MORE)
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What is difference of metric photogrammetry and interpretative photogrammetry?

PHOTOGRAMMETRY METRIC. PHOTOGRAMMETRY INTERPRETATION. Measuring from ground position, elevation distances, areas and volumes.. Existing in a qualitative manner like timber (MORE)
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What does photogrammetry involve?

Photogrammetry is used to determine the geometric (size, position, and shape) properties of an object using photographs. It is used in fields as varied as engineering, manufac (MORE)