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What is photo?

The definition is (well mine is) a non motion frame of a certain event or time/experience.
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What is a photo?

A photo is an image captured by a camera or a video recorder. Aphoto is used to capture memories of people and events.
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How to get a guinea pig photo on my photo?

You could always go to google images, search "guinea pig" and download it to your phone. If you mean a picture of your own personal guinea pig, you could take a picture of it ( Full Answer )
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How do you crop a photo in photo scape?

To crop a photo in photo scrape first you can select the photo which you want to crop after that select the area for crop then press the crop button.
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Why is the plural of photo photos not photoes?

The plural form photos is an exception to the rule that words which end with -o preceeded by a consonant have -es added to create the plural form.
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What can photos do?

you can use your photos, FLV videos and songs to create gorgeous flash slide-shows in SWF format for watching on computer, burn the auto-run flash photo album to gift CD/DVD, ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete photos in photo bucket?

deleting a photo in photo bucket is a very simple task first you can select the photos which you want to delete after that mark it and then delete mark photos.
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What to do with these photos?

These photos are large, expansive and detailed. Viewing them onyour phone can give an idea of the beauty contained, however thedetail is lost on the small screen without zoomi ( Full Answer )