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Why are Pink Dolphins pink?

The Pink River Dolphins of the Amazon River in South America are  pink-colored because they have a lot of blood vessels near the  surface of their skin, so that they can bet (MORE)

What is pink eye?

Pink eye, a bacterial infection of the conjunctiva (the eyes' mucus membrane), is spread by physical contact (touching the bacteria then touching your eyes). Pink eye is very (MORE)

Where does Pink live?

Pink lived in Sherman Oaks, California from 2002 to 2011. Her and Carey where renting the home. They have recently moved to Malibu, California and bought a home for $11,850,00 (MORE)

Why is the pink panther pink?

The movie title ' Pink Panther ' is associated by the animal 'panther' is probably why the made the panther pink ' The Pink Panther '
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Why is pink called pink?

Alecia Beth Moore calls herself "P!nk" as a dedication to the sarcastic character Mr. Pink from the film Reservoir Dogs. Pink thought she was much like this character and thus (MORE)

Is pink an adjective?

Yes, if it is used to describe a noun--pink roses. It can  also be a noun for the color--I like pink.
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Are pink fairies really pink?

yes and no yes because they are pink and no because there are no such things as faries.
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In pink Floyd which ones pink?

 In the name Pink Floyd, the name Pink Is in the name Pink Floyd. So there you go.  OR... The correct answer; From Wikipedia  There is no "Pink" per se, the name Pink Flo (MORE)

Who is pink in Pink Floyd?

There is no "Pink" in the band Pink Floyd.   The original leader of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett) named the band  after Pink Anderson and Floyd Council- two blues musicians fr (MORE)