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What are ports and connectors?

Ports are any cable or device connection point designed to plug in peripherals etc. into the computer. They are commonly known as i/o ports (input/ output). Connectors are the ( Full Answer )
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What is a connector?

A device to allow two parts of an electronic system to communicate while also allowing them to be separated for removal and/or replacement.
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Why are gold plated connectors sold ie stereo cables instead of silver or copper plated when they are better conductors?

Silver and copper will tarnish over time, increasing electrical reistance and reducing the quality of the signal. Gold-plating provides a long-lasting high-quality signal. How ( Full Answer )
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What are connectors?

Anything that creates a link between two things is calledconnector. Connector is a device that keeps the parts of anelectric circuit in contact.
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What is F-Connector connector?

F connector is a connector used for over the air transmissions.It is used for connecting set-top box on tv,cable transmissions,television transmissions and satellite transmiss ( Full Answer )
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What is a p12 connector?

If you are referring to computers, it is a 6pin power connector for modern Video cards. Most new video cards require at least 1 P12 connector, some require 2 P12 connectors.
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What does the obd2 connector do?

OBD stands for on board diagnostics. Its linked directly to your cars computer in order to tell you if the car is ready to pass or emissions or what's wrong with it if it isn' ( Full Answer )
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What style of connector is an XLR connector?

A XLR connector is an electrical connector used for audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. The come in a circular design with anywhere between three and seven pins.