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What is the fullform of AM and PM?

  ante meridian {A.M.} post meridian {P.M} By definition, 12 A.M. denotes midnight, and 12 P.M. denotes noon, but there is sufficient confusion over these uses to make (MORE)

What is opera pms?

At the core of the OPERA enterprise solution is our premier property management software, the OPERA Property Management System (PMS). Designed to meet the varied requirements (MORE)

Who is the pm?

The pm is an abbreviation for The Prime Minister. This post is the most senior position of the executive sector of the government in a parliamentary system. Stephen Harper is (MORE)
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What is AM and PM?

Am and pm are latin, ante/post meridiem. In application AM is from 12 midnight to 11.59 before noon and pm is from 12 noon to 11.59 before midnight
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What is am or pm?

12 a.m. denotes midnight, and 12 p.m. denotes noon, but there is sufficient confusion over the meanings of a.m. and p.m. when the hour is 12 to make it advisable to use 12 noo (MORE)
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How many hours is PM and PM?

AM is from midnight to noon and PM is from noon to midnight.   AM and PM are twelve hours each, adding up to twenty-four hours.
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