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Do poinsettias kill parakeets?

Poinsettias have been thought to be poisonous to animals for years, but there's been some recent research that shows they're not poisonous to birds. Poinsettia leaves can irri (MORE)

How can you turn your green poinsettia to red?

In order to get a poinsettia plant to turn red, you need to eliminate its light. Flower formation is actually triggered by periods of darkness. During the day, poinsettia plan (MORE)

Where is poinsettia from?

Poinsettias are from tropical areas of Mexico, and therefore they like warmth and moisture (with good drainage). Most of the poinsettias in the world are now grown in commerci (MORE)
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Are poinsettias poisonous?

No, poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are not poisonous. Specifically, poinsettias have an irritating milky sap that flows when the plant is bruised. The sap contains late (MORE)

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What is the poinsettia legend?

Why the plant blooms suddenly, spectacularly and beautifully just in time for the Christmas holidays is the legend of the poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). Specifically, t (MORE)

Where do poinsettias grow?

Today, (because of its demand) seasonal plantations for poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) exist mostly in eastern U.S. in such states as South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvan (MORE)

How do you care for poinsettias?

If you want to keep your poinsettia for the following year follow these instructions. Keep indoors until temperatures outside are a constant 60 degrees if not keep indoors. Ar (MORE)

Where did poinsettias originate from?

Origin of Poinsettias     Poinsettia History and Lore     * The Aztecs called poinsettias "Cuetlaxochitle." During the 14th - 16th century the sap was used to (MORE)