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Need to know how a 95 polairs xplorer 400 4wheel drive work just changed the front left cv and it wont lock in?

these can be a bit of a pain without a service manual. Make sure the two wires (grey and brown wires) coming out of the hub have a resistance of 25 - 30 ohms at the circuit bo (MORE)

What is the polair blear capital of the world?

Canada is known for the largest population of polar bears. There are approximately 15,000 polar bears in northern Canada and each year between September and November they hea (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Pauline Polaire been in?

Pauline Polaire has: Performed in "Moines et guerriers" in 1909. Played Cubanerin Zouza in "Zouza" in 1911. Performed in "Le visiteur" in 1911. Performed in "Ma gosse" in 1912 (MORE)