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Does Ruki of The Gazette speak English?

He doesn't speak much English so when it comes to English lyric's he has a translator and someone who speak's English fluently check to make sure it's least that's (MORE)

What was the National Gazette?

The National Gazette was a Democratic-Republican newspaper founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1791. American poet Philip Morin Freneau managed and published the (MORE)
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Is Aoi from the gazette married?

No, Aoi or any other member of the GazettE are married.
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Why were the police after him?

Well, I can't really answer this question...but this question is about pirates! Well the pirate stole from a bank and kidnapped three people! He tried to get away but the poli (MORE)
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What is Police?

Q. What is police  "POLICE" is a public servant sworn to hold the line between order and dis order. Police sever in a City/town/Park/VA Hospitals/Borders. The term means they (MORE)