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How do you start a new political party in the United States?

The first step in organizing a new political party in the United States is to think of name and elect temporary officials in your party's first convention. Despite the pompou (MORE)

How was harding's effort to return to normalcy prevented by political scandals?

President Harding's efforts to return to normalcy were prevented by  political scandal because there was a lot of scandal during his  administration, which distracted from t (MORE)

What are the two main political parties of the United States and the animal symbols for the parties?

Republican and democrat. Despite the fact that our country is governed by democracy, republicans still hold positions of political power. Republicans are generally percieved a (MORE)

How did the Watergate scandal change US politics?

The effects of the Watergate scandal did not by any means end with the resignation of President Nixon and the imprisonment of some of his aides. Indirectly, Watergate was the (MORE)

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