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What is polygenic?

Polygenic inheritance is when a single trait is controlled by 2 or more sets of alleles. . A polygenic trait is one whose phenotype is influenced by more than one gene.
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What is a polygenic trait?

In genetics, a polygenic trait is a distinguishing characteristic or quality for which the phenotype (appearance) depends on alleles in multiple genes.
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What does polygenic mean?

here i used example as, plolygenic genes to explain polygenic . one of a group of nonallelic genes that together control a quantitative characteristic in an organism. in ( Full Answer )
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What is polygenic effect?

A polygenic effect refers to the effect of two or more genes on asingle characteristic. These genes, however, only produce a smallquantitative effect on a trait.
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What is Polygenic Inheritence?

Polygenic Inheritence is a trait (genotype or phenotype) that is controlled by more than one gene. So basically, there is more than one gene involved in determining a certain ( Full Answer )
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What is polygenes?

Any of a group of nonallelic genes, each having a small quantitative effect, that together produce a wide range of phenotypic variation
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Is a cube a polygen Why or why not?

A cube is not a polygon. Polygons are 2-dimensional figures and a cube is 3-dimensional.
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What are polygenic genes?

Polygenic inheritance occurs when one characteristic is controlled by two or more genes . Often the genes are large in quantity but small in effect. Examples of human pol ( Full Answer )
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What is polygen?

A polygon means 'many sides' and it is a 2 dimensional shape that has 3 or more sides
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What is polygenic inheritance-?

Polygenic inheritance refers to the inheritance in which aparticular trait is produced by the interaction of many genes.