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Porfirio diaz who is he?

Answer . José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori ( 15 September 1830 - 2 July 1915 ) was a Mexican-American War volunteer, French Intervention hero, and Presid (MORE)

What did porfirio do in the Mexican revolution?

He was the 'bad guy' during the conflict. He incarcerated his opponent Francisco Madero, prompting the first stage of the revolution. After Ciudad Juarez fell to Pancho Villa (MORE)
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Why did they take Porfirio Diaz out of Mexico?

He was the main antagonist during the first phase of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921). After federal troops lost several battles against the revolutionaries, he decided to f (MORE)

Who was porfirio rubirosa?

Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza was a Dominican diplomat, race-car driver,and polo player. He was an adherent of the dictator RafaelTrujillo, and was also rumored to be a political as (MORE)