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Where is Portugal?

Portugal is next to Spain, in the south of Europe. Is the most westcountry in this continent. A good country for vacations with thebeautiful landscapes, beatches and hills. I (MORE)

What about Portugal?

Some facts about Portugal include the fact that over 230 millionpeople speak Portuguese and Portugal produces half of the world'scork. Portugal is also the home of the largest (MORE)
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How are you in Portugal?

  As upset about the global economy crysis, as outraged about the war and as unhappy with our local government as any other country out there. So... doing fine.

Health in Portugal?

The health system in Portugal has undergone great changes.   Recently a great ammount of medical facilities were shut down due to low turn-out, focusing the technology and (MORE)

Who governs Portugal?

A president named Cavaco Silva and the prime minister Jose Socrates   Jose Sócrates, from the Portuguese Socialist Party, its the Portuguese Prime-Minister. The Preside (MORE)

Is there a democracy in Portugal?

Yes, there is a democracy in Portugal. The current president is Anibal Antonio Cavaco Silva, who was elected in 2006.
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What makes Portugal Portugal?

The hospitality, the great great wine, weather, beaches,  latino-corrupto mentality, smugglers tradition and fantastic food  and relaxed attitude, both of which take in the (MORE)

When did Portugal be named Portugal?

Well, in 1128 the, soon to be the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques created the Portucalense county after a war against his mother's armys the king, in 1143, against (MORE)