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Why do we call the post office the post office?

When the first public mail routes were started in Britain, ornate cast iron poles were erected at intervals along the routes. They were about 5 feet tall with large hooks on e ( Full Answer )
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What do you get at a post office?

Lots of products are available, such as Stamps, postal orders, stationary, premium bonds (UK), savings accounts, you can collect benefits and state pensions, mail and packages ( Full Answer )
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Were there post offices in 1763?

There were not formal post offices yet, however mail did come to civic gathering points, such as taverns and churches. Benjamin Franklin became Postmaster General in 1775 esta ( Full Answer )
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Will post office deliver on Saturday?

Yes, unless it's a holiday. Sometime in in August of this year all first class mail, and second class mail will no longer be delivered to your home or business. The post offic ( Full Answer )
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Who is the post master of the post office?

The Postmaster of a post office (sometimes the Officer In Charge or Acting Postmaster) is the person who supervises box, rural route, city route, general delievery and window ( Full Answer )
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What you do at the post office?

The only thing you could do at the post about three hundred years ago was to buy Stamps & other postal stationery. Since 1881, Post offices started accepting Money Orders, t ( Full Answer )