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What are predators?

Predators are any animals that hunt and eat otheranimals ( prey ). There are some plants , such asthe Venus Fly Trap, that eat bugs. Humans are predators, and ourpets ar (MORE)

What is predation?

Predation is an interaction in which one organism captures anotherand feeds on the captured organism. An animal that consumes another animal is a predator , andthe animal co (MORE)

What is a predator?

A predator is an animal that hunts another animals, for food. Here are a few examples: 1. Lions are a predator to Zebras. 2. Whale sharks are a predator to Plankton. 3. (MORE)

What is predator?

a predator is an animal that hunts or eats a smaller animal than itself. for example, the wolf is the predator and it hunts the bunny which is the prey.
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What is predatation?

Predatation is when one species is killed by another. In the ocean for example is when a baracuda eats a clownfish.

What do predators do?

predators eat consumer or hebivores or other animals or plants , and preators are on the top of a energy pryimad or a food chain or maybe a food web even predators may eat hum (MORE)
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What does predators?

predators are an animal that eats other animals or hunt and those animals that they eat are called their prey and thats a predator I ANSWERD THE QUESTION