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Why did the Presbyterians split from the Catholic Church?

Presbyterians issued from Scotland, in the Scottish Church established by John Knox. John Knox had been ordained a Catholic priest. Later he fled the country to Geneva and cam (MORE)

When was presbyterian church founded?

  Around the year 1707 primarily in Scotland. It arose from the Geneva Church (under John Calvin), which was founded in 1541
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What is a confirmation in the Presbyterian church?

  As an infant, you are baptized in your parents' faith. Wh   en you are at an age of accountability, usually in the junior high years, you are confirmed in your own fa (MORE)

What furnishings are in a presbyterian church?

Having grown up in a Presyterian church, I can tell you with confidence that the below items are commonly found in the sanctuary of modern presbyterian churches throughout Can (MORE)

Who start the presbyterian church?

Reformer John Calvin, a Swiss/French theologian while studying for the priesthood, led a revolt against what he perceived to be inaccuracies in the teachings of the Catholic C (MORE)

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