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How do you be pretty?

 1  Clean up your skin. Blotches, ash  marks, dirt, and acne are not very pretty. Aim to shower or bathe  every day with a body wash that works for you. Use deodorant to (MORE)

How do you get pretty if you are not?

Everybody in some shape or form is pretty in some way just saying, but what i like to do is a mental health day. You take one day all to yourself or with your friend or mom or (MORE)
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Is am pretty?

There is no real answer to that question. It depend's who you are asking. I am sorry but I do not think this is a good question for
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How pretty you are?

you are so pretty,no let me change that to beautiful. Okay you are so beautiful that when you were born haters were invented. Okay that's all with the corny jokes.YOU ARE GOR (MORE)