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What was Prince Philip prince of?

I am answering this presuming that you are referring to the current Prince Phillip of England, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Phillip is by birth a Prince in Greece a (MORE)

Why is Prince Charles a prince and not a duke?

He is a duke, and a prince, as well as a few other things. But no royal ever goes by a name like 'Prince Duke Earl Charles". Instead, the person picks one title to be known (MORE)

Why is Prince Philip a prince?

Prince Philip is a Prince Consort to the Queen. In the UK, a Queen can be Queen regnant (a female monarch) or Queen consort (wife of the king). However on the male side, King (MORE)

Is Prince William the Prince of Wales?

No Prince William is not The Prince of Wales. That title is held by the eldest son of the reigning monarch. The reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II and her eldest son is Pr (MORE)

Is prince Royce a prince?

No he's not. but is treated like one for being famous. he named himself after prince Royce because Royce was his middle name and prince cause he looks hot
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Is Prince William a prince?

Yes. He is also heir apparent of the heir apparent, so he is expected to become King one day, assuming the monarchy doesn't end before he gets to reign.
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