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How do you prolong sex?

If you can, use the prescription drug Prozac or equivalent. One of the side effects of this drug is that it is harder to achieve an orgasm and takes more work to achieve it. ( Full Answer )
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To prolong or not to prolong life?

Jack Kevorkian for surgeon general. Seriously, it's a question that should be pondered. There's no point in prolonging a useless or painful life, and little in prolonging a ( Full Answer )
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What is prolonged qt?

Prolonged QT means that the time between the Q and T waves in an ECG is longer than normal. It can indicate high risk of sudden cardiac death.
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A sentence for prolong?

To prolong something is to extend it or make it longer. An examplesentence would be: The date was going so great, they wanted toprolong it.
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What is prolonged bleeding?

it is were the platlets in your blood are not there. so you bleed like a ape on drugs yo mama
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What is a prolonged blast?

Rules of the Road. Rule 32. Sound & light Signals Definitions (B) The Term "short blast" means a blast about one seconds duration. (c) The Term "prolonged blast" means ( Full Answer )
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What is prolonged lactation?

The breast feeding done by a woman to her child more than 2 years is prolonged lactation.
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What is a metaphor for prolonged?

Depending on what effect you're going for or the context: Life is prolonged: Life was an eternal clock with each second ticking slower than the beating of my heart. Death is ( Full Answer )
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What is prolonged illness?

A Prolonged Illness is simply any illness that doesnt respond well to trteatment & drags on for a long time
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How do you prolong life?

There is really no guaranteed way to prolong life. There are no secrets either. Cut tobacco (chewing and smoking), alcohol consumption and obesity, exercise more and eat right ( Full Answer )