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How do you get him to propose?

Play hard to get? Like, if he thinks he has you there's no need for him to do it. He needs to see how much he needs you in his life and appreciates and loves you. Maybe take y (MORE)

How do you start writing a proposal?

To write a proposal, begin by making a list of the deliverables or results your client wants. Then write out the resources you will need to accomplish each item and how you wi (MORE)

What is a proposal?

It all depends on the context - in terms of a personalrelationship, a proposal is when a person asks another person tomarry them. In business, it could mean a suggestion or an (MORE)
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What are proposals?

A proposal is a plan before doing the final draft or it is a plan given in a business or group in order to see what will happen. here is an example of a proposal. I created (MORE)

How you will propose?

If you've known the lady for a long time and if you are ready, do this: Buy an engagement ring, with a diamond or a transparent zircon (the look-alike-diamond) make it simp (MORE)

How do you write a grant proposal to start a small business?

Your first challenge will be to find grantors willing to invest in your type/ style of business. Once you identify grantors, then you can solicit details for their requireme (MORE)
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How not to propose?

You don't have to but do have to tell her what your intentionsreally are and acept the consequences