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What is a state in the United States?

Massachusetts, Delaware, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, Iowa, Rhode Isl (MORE)

How does a control unit operate in a computer?

Control Unit is the part of the CPU which controls the flow of data and co ordinates other device within it to perform a specific operation. It is said to be "brain within a b (MORE)

When were the states added to the United States?

< 1 Delaware 7 December 1787 2 Pennsylvania 12 December 1787 3 New Jersey 18 December 1787 4 Georgia 2 January 1788 5 Connecticut 9 January 1788 6 Massachusetts 6 February 17 (MORE)

Where is the oldest operating lighthouse in the United States?

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Sandy Hook NJ (1764). The oldest light station is on Little Brewster Island in Boston, however the tower originally built in 1716 was destroyed by the B (MORE)
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What is a unit operation?

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Eastern states in The United States?

All the USA states bordering the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida. How far west of the Atlantic a person can go and still refer to a state as an Eastern state is debatable (MORE)

Are there 13 states in United States?

Not now, but back when the United States became an independent country, there were 13 original states (they had been colonies before declaring independence from England). Ther (MORE)