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Why was the battle of puebla so important for Mexico?

The battle of Puebla was so important because, the Mexicans were poorly armed, and they were rivaling against French troops that were trained and professional, the Mexicans wo (MORE)

Why was the battle of Puebla fought?

Mexico was extremely poor at the time and could not afford to spend much money. As a result, all foreign debt payments were suspended for two years. The French were angered by (MORE)

What conflict caused the battle of Puebla?

The Mexicans owed the French money from their war with Spain and they could mot pay it. So the French decided they would concore Mexico but the Mexicans put up a good fight, u (MORE)

What US city is called The City?

New York City, is called "The City" Mainly because it is "the City" with everything. Most believe no other city can indeed top New York. Others say, Los Angeles, California is (MORE)

How long did the battle of Puebla last?

The battle of Puebla lasted less than four hours on May 5, 1862. Because it showed the resolve of the Mexicans to fight the French occupiers in Mexico, it is celebrated annual (MORE)

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What impact did the Battle of Puebla have on the Civil War?

None, that was a battle between French troops and Mexicans in Mexico. However, it is believed that France was intending to use Mexico as a base to support the confederate army (MORE)

What caused the battle of Puebla?

For the war the Mexicans borrowed money from Spain France and England so the Mexican never paid it back and the French got mad so the napoleon the 3rd told Benito Juarez he wa (MORE)

How many people where Mexicans outnumbered in the battle of Puebla?

2,000 people. There were approximately 4,500 Mexican soldiers and  militia versus 6,500 French soldiers.
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Why did the battle start in Puebla?

As a consequence of the large indebtedness acquired after both the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) and the Reform Wars (1857-1861), the Mexican government faced such economic (MORE)