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What is a falcon punch?

The Falcon Punch is a signature move of Captain Falcon from the F-Zero video game series. It was first introduced in Super Smash Bros. as one of Captain Falcon's special moves (MORE)
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How do you do super punch in punch out?

On the NES, after you have countered an attack or punched your opponent at the right time, a star will fly out of his head and it will show up on the top left of the screen. (MORE)
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What is a soccer punch?

A sucker punch is when you punch someone who is unprepared and unaware that it's coming.
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How to do a falcon punch?

pull back your fist and shout "falcoooooon!", a fiery falcon should appear around your fist,then thrust your fist forward in a punch and shout "pawnchhhhhhhhhh!"
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What is a punch lead?

Punch Lead: A short, forceful word or expression. Ex. Victory Day! Magsaysay High School celebrated March 18 its fifth victory in the city-wide journalism contest. :)
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How do you get strikes?

  Strikes and spares are terms used in the game of bowling. A strike is when you knock all of the pins down in one shot. A spare is when you knock all of the pins down in (MORE)

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