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What is puree?

Puree is food that has been cooked and then passed through a sieve. It can be fruit or vegetable. it is mushed food
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What are views?

A database view is a logical table query that permits the database architect to create a special view of data without having to have a larger complex query used each time. Thi (MORE)
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Who are The View?

The View are an alternative Scottish band from Dryburgh. The band consists of: Kyle Falconer - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Kieren Webster - Bass and Vocals Pete Reilly (MORE)
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How do you view a will?

AFTER a will has been probated it becomes a public document and you should be able to view it at the Clerk of the Court's Office. Prior to the individual's death and before it (MORE)
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Is copper pure or not pure?

Copper is an element, so it may be pure, but copper may be mixed with other metals, or it may combine chemically with oxygen, and in either case it would not be pure.
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Why pure water is not a pure substance?

Its a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Technically if you had 100 % pure water is would be a pure substance. But in reality it is impossible to have anything 100 % pure.
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Why is critical that privacy protection be viewed in a global perspective rather than a purely national one?

Well as for privacy on the Internet I think we should continue to self regulate and NOT rely on government intervention. Everyone should hold the owners of web sites and other (MORE)
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What color would white light appear viewed through red filter and pure blue?

Red or blue. The reason a red filter looks and is red, is becauseonly red light comes through it, and the same can be said about ablue filter allowing only blue light through. (MORE)