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How tall is Rachel Roy?

Rachel Roy the famous fashion designer is a native of California.  Rachel Roy's height is measured at 5 foot 10 inches tall.
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Why does annabeth hate Rachel?

Because both Rachel and Annabeth like Percy. In the start of the fifth book, Rachel asked Percy how a girl could get a guy to kiss her and she used the word hypothetically. Us (MORE)
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What were rachel scott's last words?

Eric Harris asked "Do you still believe in god" after already shooting her. She responed, " You know I do". Then he shoot her in the head, and she died.
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What were Rachel Carson goals?

Rachel Carsons goals were to make the pesticides less toxic and harmful to plants, animals, fish, and the environment included.
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Did Rachel Carson ever have kids?

She didn't have any children of her own though she did adopt  her nephew after the death of his parents ......she spent her extra  time taking care of her family
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Who is rachel wright?

Rachel Wright is a musician from Liverpool England. Her myspace page is in the Related Links section below.
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How did Rachel Joy Scott die?

She died at a school shooting when she was eating lunch with a friend outside on the grass of her highschool. he was the first person to die at the Columbine shooting.
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Who is Rachel Smith?

Rachel Renee Smith is an American actress, TV Presenter, and model.  She won the Miss USA 2007 and represented USA at Miss Universe 2007  and Placed 4th runner-up.    (MORE)