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What does the railroad have to do with the under ground railroad?

The underground railroad was not a real railroad but a secret (i.e. "underground," similar to the underground economy) network of abolitionists who escorted slaves to Canada. ( Full Answer )
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What did railroads do?

During the US Civil War (1861-1865) the railroads on both sides kept the troops supplied with weapons, food, and ammunition. After the war railroads opened up the west to exp ( Full Answer )
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What is a railroad?

In the United States we call them Railroads, in other countries they may be called Railways. I am talking about a set of two steel rails the are supported by wooden or conc ( Full Answer )
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What were railroads?

Railroad were and are companies, backed by investors, that have placed a lot of money into roads made of steel on land known as right-of-way, large engines that pull heavy loa ( Full Answer )
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Was the transcontinental railroad the first railroad?

No. The transcontinental line was completed in 1869, which was four decades plus after the first railroads began operating in the US. Before this railroad was made there wer ( Full Answer )
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Was the Underground railroad really a railroad?

No, it was a secret network to the North for escaping slaves in the South prior to the US Civil War. It was a step-by-step passage created by escaped slaves and abolitionists, ( Full Answer )
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What can the railroad do?

Railroads are the middle men. They deliver goods which is caled freight. An example of a freight Railroad is Union Pacific. They also provide passenger service to transport ( Full Answer )
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Was there a railroad in the underground railroad?

no. the underground railroad was a secret (underground) chain of people who would help slaves reach freedom. the "railroad" part of the underground railroad was simply a way t ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have railroads?

To move freight and passengers. believe it or not trains move more ton-miles than trucks.
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How do railroad workers make railroads?

Its simple actually. Ties made of wood are laid down first. Then tie plates, metal plates that protect the ties from the rails weight and force are laid on the tie where the r ( Full Answer )