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Who is Randy Johnson?

Randy Johnson is a retired MLB Pitcher. With 4 Cy Young awards, A World Series MVP and Victory, a perfect game, and a no-hitter, he is one of the most decorated pitchers to ev (MORE)

What is net worth of randy Jackson?

    Depends on which one it is:     Michael Jackson's brother Randy is probably worth only about $2-3 million (actually maybe $800,000-900,000 annual gross inco (MORE)

How much does randy orton make?

One can never be sure. WWE talent like Orton and Cena make money based upon their evert card status. In you are a main event like wrestler like Orton you make at least 500,000 (MORE)

Who is Randy Rhodes?

    Randy Rhoads is the guitarist from Quiet Riot till he transferd to Ozzy Osbourne's band. he died in a plane accident 19. march 1982 and was named one of the greate (MORE)

Is randy orton a Muslim?

I don't think so, because Muslims don't get permanent tattoos on their bodies. So nope!
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