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What is the difference between gross vehicle weight rating and gross combination weight rating?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR is the rating given to a vehicle by the manufacturer. It can usually be found on the door pillar post (open the door and look for the stic ( Full Answer )
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What does a combine do?

A combine is a piece of farming machinery that harvests grain by combining the processes of reaping, binding, and threshing.
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Which is the best rated over the range microwave convection oven combination?

I am using Samsung CE117PF-B microwave very handy kitchen appliances. The best feature of Convection cooking is that it has a third heating element and evenly distribute the h ( Full Answer )
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How does any combination of environmental factors affect the rate of photosynthesis?

Light, water, temperature, carbon dioxide (and oxygen) all affect photosynthesis (see Related Link). People may argue which comes first but, logically, a plant needs nutrient ( Full Answer )
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Can you combine between two sand filter different flow rate size?

You should be able to, but make sure that the sand filter with the slower flow rate is on top to make sure that the other filter does not overflow. If you place the faster flo ( Full Answer )