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Why is a cell phone not reachable?

Answer . That means that the person you are trying to call has a pre paid phone and he/she does not have enough balance to receive calls. - (MORE)
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Are assets of a partner of a limited liability partnership reachable in bankruptcy of that partner?

The partner's assets are normally not accessable if the Partnership goes BK....that the limited part of the liability in the name.. However, if the partner goes BK (as you st (MORE)
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Is zero kelvin reachable if yes then what happens?

It may be reachable somewhere in the universe far from any outside forces but we'll never witness it. I don't care who says otherwise... we will never witness it. You couldn't (MORE)
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What protocols are used to inquire if an address is reachable on the Internet?

Domain Name System ( DNS ) and Address ResolutionProtocol ( ARP ) are used for address resolution.Internet Control Message Protocol ( ICMP ) is alsoused to determine if an add (MORE)