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What does reassessing mean?

Reassessing simply means to assess something again, or to reconsider something. Typically monitory value is assessed, or assigned to an item before the item is sold, someti ( Full Answer )

When to reassess a victim during CPR?

For an Adult, you do not stop CPR to reassess for signs of life. When an AED becomes available, and CPR is stopped to hook up the AED, then at that time you reassess.. For an ( Full Answer )
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How can you use Reassess in a sentence?

After moving to another city for my new employer, I must reassess my choice of careers because it does not pay enough to cover expenses.
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How often must pain be reassessed?

Rate pain using a 0 to 10 scale with 0 being no pain and 10 being the maximum pain., The goal of assessing pain is to determine if the pain is becoming less since your last i ( Full Answer )
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What is reassess in tagalog?

assess = suriin reassess = muling suriin 0r suriin ulit repeat = ulit or ulitin (depends on how you use it)
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What is spiritual reassessment?

Let's look at the words to figure this out, yes? Spiritual: Something to do with spirits, religion, and/or beliefs. Assessment: A decision on something. Re: A prefix that usu ( Full Answer )

What is reassessment in CPR?

Reassessment in CPR is to check again to see if signs of life are present.
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Do you get reassess in high school?

No sweetie. Recess in high school is called free period where youget to hang out :)
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Is Reassess a good name for a dog?

Depends, it's a matter of opinion. My favorite dog name is Woof, myfriend's dog is named Cat.