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What does Prize Rebel do?

Prize Rebel is a site where users do surveys. The surveys have a certain amount of points they give you. When you have enough points you go to the prizes section to claim your (MORE)

Who is Remington Rebel?

Remington is a popular hair styling product company, ie blowdryers, flat-irons ect... ( I am assuming you are asking based on Lady Gaga's song "Heavymetal Lover") To me she is (MORE)
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What is beurettes rebelles?

  Beurette is a woman of North African descent born and living in France.

Why does one rebel?

  I can answer that easy cause i am a rebel. We become rebellious because nobody listens to us nobody cares we feel like were all alone so were else can we turn no where s (MORE)

Do robots rebel?

That depends on what you mean by "rebel". Does your electric shaver rebel? Does your heating and AC system "rebel"? Does your car "rebel"? How about other mechanical d (MORE)
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What songs did Cockney Rebel sing?

Some of the songs sang by Cockney Rebel include Yes You Can, The Quality of Mercy, Here Comes The Sun, A Friend For Life, Irresistible, Hobo With A Grin and Stranger Comes to (MORE)
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Noun for rebel?

The word 'rebel' is a noun, a verb, and an adjective.    The noun 'rebel' (reb el) is a word for someone who  refuses to give in to authority; someone who takes action (MORE)