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Who is Remington Rebel?

Remington is a popular hair styling product company, ie blowdryers, flat-irons ect... ( I am assuming you are asking based on Lady Gaga's song "Heavymetal Lover") To me she is (MORE)
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What is beurettes rebelles?

  Beurette is a woman of North African descent born and living in France.

What does rebel mean?

a person who goes against or with someone for example im going  against the government
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What is a rebel yell?

  Answer   rebel yell dates back to the Civil War 1861-1865, when the Confederate soldiers would charge the Union line they would yell. this would was done in order (MORE)

When did the barons rebel?

The Barons in England rebelled twice. Once in 1215 against King John of England and again in 1264 against John's son King Henry III of England.

Why do teen rebel?

Teens rebel because they want to be independent it's a natural instinct they are halfway between making their own decisions and not being able to. They are their own person. E (MORE)
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Noun for rebel?

The word 'rebel' is a noun, a verb, and an adjective.    The noun 'rebel' (reb el) is a word for someone who  refuses to give in to authority; someone who takes action (MORE)