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What is the authority to rehear a court case first?

The authority to hear a case is called jurisdiction . The court with authority to try the case, or hear it first, has original jurisdiction ; the court(s) that review the c (MORE)
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Can a case be dismissed during a rehearing?

It would depend on the legislation of the country concerned. Additional Answer A rehearing is no different than the initial hearing in that it is subject to the same rul (MORE)
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Can a judge overturn a guilty plea at a rehearing?

What can be done at a rehearing depends on the purpose of the rehearing. I assume you are referring to a rehearing preceding sentencing. The judge does not overturn a guilty p (MORE)
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What is a rehearing?

In legal terms: A rehearing refers to conducting a hearing over again as if it were new. It may be granted based on the motion of one of the parties to a lawsuit, or criminal (MORE)