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How do you reheat curry?

you can reheat it by either using a microwave or putting it on the stove. if you put it in the microwave: put it in a microwavable safe container, with a lid on top. so it d (MORE)

How to reheat pizza?

Depends on how you like it. If put in a microwave it usually gets a little soggy. Many people like to use a toaster oven. Others prefer the regular oven at about 350 degrees F (MORE)
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How do you reheat shrimp?

  Reheating shrimp must be done very gently! If the shrimp are alone (not contained in a sauce or part of another recipe,) the reheating must be even more gentle to avoid (MORE)

Can beef be reheated then frozen then reheated?

No, you can cause more spoilage that way. It's best to just reheat it once and once heated, eat it. What you can't eat you'll have to either throw out or give to your dog or c (MORE)

Can you reheat cod?

Yes you can. Steaming is a great way to reheat cod. It will not dry out the cod. However if you cod is fried it will make it soggy. In that cast just use a little oil in a pan (MORE)

Can you reheat gravy?

Yes I believe so,my family does it all the time.usually in a microwave after already eating if off the stove. indeed but you have to add a little milk or itll come out tastin (MORE)

How do you reheat cornbread?

Cornbread can be reheated wrapped in a damp cloth and microwavedfor 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the amount being reheated. Amore common method may be to slice and butter th (MORE)

Can you reheat fries?

Yes you can reheat fries. If they get cold you can actually  put them into the oven (not the microwave).
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