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How does spanish religion affect the food?

 Religion and its  association with food in Spain   In Spain, There  are many different influences on how the food is made and what is  in it. One of these influences (MORE)

How does religion affect the food you can eat?

Some religions have dietary restrictions. Here are a few examples although it is just a sample-- Judaism has kosher laws that forbid the eating of pork, non-fish seafoods, t (MORE)

Do people of the Shinto religion have special food?

Yes and these are the the foods and why RICE, MOCHI, AND SAKE. Rice is a long-standing staple of the Japanese diet, and it is not surprising that rice is offered in prayer and (MORE)

What are the foods Islamic religion allows?

Muslims don't eat pork or geleton. Muslims eat healthy. Muslims don't argue over food.   Answer  the rule is that what is not forbidden is allowed.   see related quest (MORE)

How does religion influence a persons food habits?

There are several religions which have dietary habits based on their scriptures. For example, Islamists and Jews refuse to eat pork because Moses was told by God that these a (MORE)

Which foods cannot be eaten in which religion?

Most Jews do not eat pork, and they do not eat foods that combine meat with dairy products. They also do not eat shellfish, and they do not eat meat from any animals with clov (MORE)

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Are there foods that are prohibited by the Mormon religion?

Not so much by way of strict prohibition, but rather by guidance.  Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or  Mormons) adhere to a revelation titled "A (MORE)