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What is a remote desktop?

  It is a connection to a "remote" computer that allows you to work on it as if you were directly interacting with it. In other words, your mouse and keyboard actions are (MORE)

Who invented the remote?

According to the Great Idea Finder, the remote control was invented in the 1950s at Zenith Corporation. The first iteration, dubbed "Lazy Bones," used a cable that ran from th (MORE)

What is a remote computer?

Remote Computer is a computer to which a user does not have physical access, but which he or she can access/ manipulate via some kind of network.
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What is remote fracture?

I don't know the specific definition but a remote fracture is one that is not fresh. As in an old fracture. There is probably a rule that it is >6 month or >1 year or somethin (MORE)

What is a remote server?

Remote server is a very general category. It refers to any computer offering information to other computers. Most of the time, this refers to connecting to a server across the (MORE)

What is Remote Joy?

  remotejpy is a program that you can download. you can use it to play your psp on your pc.

What is PCB on a remote?

PCB means printed circuit board. It is the board on on all the electronics components and their connections in a remote control device are present. LED or Light emitting diode (MORE)

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