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What is a remi weave?

a remi or remy hair weave is the best hair you can get. there is Chinese remy Indian remy virgin remy and just normal remy hair to me the best one is virgin Indian remy hair i (MORE)
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Is Jerry Remy married?

Yes, Jerry Remy has been married to his wife Phoebe for about 30  years.
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Is remy ma in prison?

Yep, Remy ma was sentenced to eight years in prison for assault, weapons and attempted coercion charges...pretty crazy..
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Why did remy ma go to jail?

She was found guilty of assault, because their was a shooting at a nightclub. She is doing 8 years currently. We miss her. Follow me on twitter @blackamerican_

What is remy hair?

Cuticles are a flaky porous layer on the hair. On Remy Hair, the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction. This essentially means that the hair is collected form a singl (MORE)

Who is remy ma's dad?

remy martins dad died this year. and his name was Cory. he lived in the Bronx ny and his life still goes on
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What happened to remy from remy from unique auto?

Rumor is that Will's wife was scewing their chef that died in the bike wreck and remy knew but did not say anything. Remy has his own shop. I found him on myspace.

Who is max remy?

Max Remy is a book character, and is a girl actually, real name Maxine. She is a spy and her spy partner is called Linden. Their arch nemesis is a guy called Blue, who wants w (MORE)

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