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How can vitiligo be rend of?

I know how it feels when somebody develops vitiligo but don't get disheartened as there are many ways to repigment your lost skin color. No permanent cure for vitiligo is avai (MORE)
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What is spacial rend?

Spacial rend is Palkia's signature move. It is not a TM. - The Fifth Grader
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Is spacial rend a good move?

Personally I think that spacial rend is a very good move for Palkia if that is who you are on about and it suits him perfectly as it has a high attack and accuracy percentage. (MORE)
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Who is Rend Blackhand?

Rend Blackhand is the ruler of the Dark Horde and is considered to be a great threat to Thrall's mastery of the Horde. Rend is the bloodthirsty son of the former Warchief of t (MORE)
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What is a sentence for the word rend?

Rend and shred, rend and shred, that's all we ever do aroundhere. . Suddenly, the grieving widower began to rend his clothes.
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Where is spacial rend in mystery dungeon?

You'll have to recruit Palkia because he is the only one who knows it.. ( darkrai and arceus 2 but in a special way)