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How do you replicate a CD?

There are different ways to replicate a CD. One way is to load the content of the disc onto a music program on your computer. (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Matchbox, Java, et ( Full Answer )
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What is replication?

Replication is when you copy something. Example: Jimmy picks up a rock and throws it at a wall. Then his friend John picks up a rock and throws it at a wall. John ha ( Full Answer )
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What is DNA replicating during replication?

DNA replicates as part of cell division, during which it is (obviously) replicating itself in the process known as mitosis.
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What is replicability?

Replicable study is repeating a (certain study with certain settings) in a (different settings for a similar study). To see whether the product will hold or not.
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When does replication occur in the replication of DNA?

In Mitosis - the events that prepare the Eukaryotic Cell for division and the division process itself constitute a complex cell cycle. Interphase is the 1st phase of the cycle ( Full Answer )
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How do you get replicators?

You need to buy a card pack. Most of them have replicators. Card Pack 4 has one super replicator which is ten replicators in one. However, I don't think they're worth anything ( Full Answer )
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What is replicated during DNA replication?

During DNA replication, all your chromosomes produce a duplicate copy of themselves with identical genetic information. This is so that when they divide, in the case of mitosi ( Full Answer )
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What is CD replication?

CD replication is the manufacturing and pressing of compact discs, based on a master copy provided by the artist. The is used by major music artists today.
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How does the mitochondria replicate?

The mitochondria replicates by fision. It builds up the necessary materials (Proteins, NAs, PLs), replicates its DNA, increases its size and then divides.